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The influence of transformational leadership on Malaysian students’ entrepreneurial behaviour



Objective: The objective of the article is to understand entrepreneurial abilities of students in Malaysian higher education system. Hence, the role of transformational leadership, psychological empowerment, and knowledge sharing in inducing this behaviour are imperative to ensure that students are inclined to and familiar with entrepreneurial activities during their studies.

Research Design & Methods: This research focused on Malaysian undergraduate students’ entrepreneurial behaviour and related antecedents. A group of 177 undergraduate students from various engineering programs was collected. A partial least square structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) was conducted to analyse the relationship between entrepreneurial behaviour and related antecedents.

Findings: The results show that among the four transformational factors, inspirational motivation is deemed to be the strongest predictor of both knowledge sharing and entrepreneurial behaviour. This is followed by an individualised consideration which tracks full significant impact and partial impact on knowledge sharing and entrepreneurial behaviour. On the other hand, idealised influence and intellectual stimulation show no effect, while psychological empowerment and knowledge sharing show a significant impact on entrepreneurial behaviour.

Implications & Recommendations: The outcomes of this study would benefit stakeholders in implementing entrepreneurial activities and foster successful implementation in the curriculum of the Malaysian higher education system.

Contribution & Value Added: This study contributes to the body of knowledge in the relationship of knowledge sharing, transformational leadership style, and entrepreneurial behaviour of students in Malaysian higher education institutions.



transformational leadership; psychological empowerment; knowledge sharing; en-trepreneurial behaviour; higher education

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Author Biography

Muhammad Ashraf Fauzi

Muhammad Ashraf Fauzi is Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Management, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. He completed his PhD at the Faculty of Management in 2018, Multimedia University. He has more than 10 years of academic experience, where he worked for nine years at the Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM. His research interests include knowledge management, organisational behaviour, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, quality management, and project management. He published nearly 15 articles in top-tier journals. He holds Master’s degree in Manufacturing System Engineering (2013, Universiti Putra Malaysia) and a Bachelor degree in Manufacturing Engineering (2010, International Islamic University Malaysia).

Correspondence to: Muhammad Ashraf Fauzi, PhD, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Faculty of Industrial Management, Lebuhraya Tun Razak, 26300, Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia e-mail:

Tulasi Martin

Tulasi Martin is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Industrial Management, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

Correspondence to: Tulasi Martion, Faculty of Industrial Management, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Lebuhraya Tun Razak, 26300, Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia, email:

Kamalesh Ravesangar

Kamalesh Ravesangar is a Lecturer with over seven years of experience in teaching Certificate, Diploma, Degree, and MBA students from various social and cultural background at private colleges and universities. Moreover, Ravesangear has the total of three years of experiences in industries related to educational, manufacturing, recruitment, and engineering. A subject matter expert in human resource management, human resource development, management and organisational behavior studies, Ravesangar published articles and reviewed articles in online journal publications. He has excellent administrative, verbal communication, research, and written skills, along with creative and effective teaching methods that develop stimulating learning environment. He holds a doctorate and a Master’s degree in Organisational Behavior and Human Resource Management.

Correspondence to: Kamalesh Ravesangar PhD, Lecturer at Àlbukhary International University e-mail:


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