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(Call for Papers) Submisssion of articles + APF for too long articles


Article processing fees APF for too long articles

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The articles must be below 50 000 characters including spaces (as well as all necessary tables, figures, graphs, and illustrations, the list of used references, and any appendixes if needed). If you exceed 50 000 characters with spaces you will be asked to pay the publishing fee (after the acceptance of the article), but if you keep the required length of the article we don't charge anything. The article must be below 50 000 on the day of submissions, otherwise, we will apply the APF (fee). Please note that Reviewers usually ask for some developments of the article, so you need to reserve someplace for adjustments and modifications. We will recalculate the length of the article at the end and will ask you to you a fee after we know the final amount/number of characters.


Kraków – March 5, 2018


The Decision of the Editorial Board concerning


 Unfortunately, we received too long articles and it made the publishing costs much higher. We are an open-access journal with no article submission fees (ASFs) nor article processing fees (APFs).


We remind that all submitted manuscripts should not exceed the recommended size in accordance with established rules up to 50 000 characters with spaces (i.e. including tables, figures, references, author’s box at the end of the article, etc.).  Each Table and each Figure must be recalculated to characters based on its space. 


Cracow University of Economics subsidizes all articles in EBER, as we do not sell the copyrights to the databases, so we have no profits at all.  The average real costs of the articles are high and they include linguistic copyediting (65% of total costs), proofreading, DTP (setting), printing, postal costs. Additionally, we have fixed costs for maintaining the website and database, human resources costs. We are still trying not to charge any fees from the Authors, but we kindly ask you to respect the maximum length of the submitted articles.


Although no article submission or article processing fees are charged for the preferred length of articles, nevertheless the fee for each additional up to 1800 characters (exceeding the first 50 000 characters) is 20 EUR + 23% VAT which is 24.50 EUR (or 105 PLN).  The payment will be transferred to the Publisher’s bank account after the article’s approval for publication.

Calculations example if your article is 64 446:

64 446 – 50 000 (free) = 14 446 (after the limit)

14 446 / 1800 = 8.02

8.02 x 24.50 euro = 196.63 euro


After the acceptance of the article, we will issue a pro-forma invoice with the bank account number. Before receiving the payment, we will not proceed with your article.

on behalf of the Editorial Board

           /-/ Editor-in-Chief