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Mediating role of entrepreneurial alertness between prior entrepreneurial exposures and entrepreneurial intentions



Objective: The objective of the study is to ascertain the mediating role of entrepreneurial alertness (EA) on the prior entrepreneurial exposures (PEE) and entrepreneurial intentions (EI) relationship of fresh graduates in Nigeria.

Research Design & Methods: We conducted a survey on fresh graduates in Nigeria (n = 387). The data gathered were analysed using Hayes’ simultaneous entry on SPSS 23.0 and PROCESS 3.

Findings: We found that PEE leads to an entrepreneurship career intention. We concluded that EA improves the PEE–EI relationship amongst fresh graduates in an emerging economy.

Implications & Recommendations: The theory of EA is a good predictor of EI and a good mediator in the PEE–EI relationships, therefore further studies should consider EI models, especially those that involve EA and fresh graduates instead of students.

Contribution & Value Added: We advance the understanding of PEE-EI relationship by utilizing the EA theory as a mediator while also testing this on a fresh graduate population in an emerging economy.


Prior Entrepreneurial Exposures, Entrepreneurial Intentions, Entrepreneurial Alertness, Emerging Economy, Nigeria, Fresh Graduates

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Author Biography

Anthony Ogbuinya Edigbo

PhD Candidate. His research interests include entrepreneurship, economic policy, and strategic management, organizational behaviours.

Anastasia Ogbo

Department of Management; Senior Lecturer

Chukwuemeka Christain Onwe

Department of Management; PhD candidate

Anthony Igwe

Senior Lecturer, PhD in Management. His research interests include business policy, entrepreneurship, business economics, strategic planning, and business development.

Lawrence Chima Okafor

Senior Lecturer, PhD in Management. His research interest includes industrial relations, organizational behaviour, human resource management and in entrepreneurship.


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