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..:: Authorship and Malpractice Policy ::..

The author's statement including the copyright notice as well as the statement on ethics and good practice in science (including financial disclosure, ghost-writing firewall, guest authorship firewall) must be submitted alongside the manuscript according to the form provided – see the attachment (see the attachment – author’s  statement) as well as to be mentioned on the article title page (see the attachment – article template).

Authors' Statements

Prior publication, the author must submit to the editorial board the following statements and documentation: 1) Authoror's Statement and 2) Copyright Transfer

  • ghostwriting firewall & guest authorship firewall
  • contribution share (for co-authored papers only)
  • financial disclosure (optional)
  • paper file (for bibliometrics purpose)

..:: Publication Ethics ::..

 The detailed information on Ethics and Malpractice is available in the guidelines established by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of  Poland: “Scientific Research and Articles Solidity and Intellectual Rights Respect”


Extract from the “Scientific Research and Articles Solidity and Intellectual Rights Respect” guidelines:

  1. Articles must be original and cannot include borrowings from other works, which could result in liability of the publisher. Papers cannot infringe any third party rights.

  2. Articles must reveal the contribution of all individual authors in the creation of publications (with their affiliations and contributions, such as information about who is the author of concepts, principles, methods, protocol, etc. used in the preparation of publications).

  3. Article cannot display any signs of "ghost-writing," that is not to disclose the names of authors who have made a significant contribution to the publication of, or otherwise contributed to its creation.

  4. Article cannot display any signs of "guest authorship" that is assigning a person who did not contribute to the creation of publications.

  5. Article must include complete information concerning sources of funding, the contribution of research institutions, associations and other entities ("financial disclosure").

  6. Editors and the Publisher will be documenting all forms of scientific misconduct and malpractice, particularly violations of ethics and violations in science. Any such cases will be reported to the employer of the author and to the relevant public and state institutions.

COPE | Committee on Publication Ethics

We follow Core Practices of COPE including Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelienss for Editors


..:: Anti-Pliagarism Policy ::..

 EBER uses the Crossref Similarity Check anti-plagiarism system with the iThenticate tool for researchers and professional writers to check their original works for potential plagiarism. Please see more: