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When does entrepreneurial bricolage mediate the effect of entrepreneurial orientation on new product development? The role of environmental dynamism as moderator



Objective: The objective of the article is to investigate the environmental dynamism (ED) conditions for entrepreneurial bricolage (EB) to function as the mediator between entrepreneurial orientation (EO) and new product development (NPD).

Research Design & Methods: This research was conducted using the cross-sectional method surveying 258 entrepreneurs in West Java, while the mediation role of the variables was analysed through macro PROCESS for SPSS developed by An-drew F. Hayes (Hayes, 2018).

Findings: The results showed that the influence of entrepreneurial bricolage is weak as a direct or mediating variable when the environmental dynamism is high or strong but has a strong mediating effect when the environmental conditions are stable.

Implications & Recommendations: To add to the body of knowledge on entrepreneurship, this research investigated the role of environmental dynamism in the direct and mediating relationship between entrepreneurial bricolage and new product development.

Contribution & Value Added: The investigation of entrepreneurial bricolage at varying levels of environmental dynamism is expected to make a substantial contribution to the entrepreneurship literature.


Entrepreneurial orientation, entrepreneurial bricolage, environmental dynamism, new product development, conditional analysis process

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