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Social Media in the Marketing of Higher Education Institutions in Poland: Preliminary Empirical Studies




Objective: To investigate how higher education institutions (HEIs) in Poland take advantage of social media marketing activities. In particular, the work considers managerial and promotional implications of social media usage along with the barriers to implementing such activities in HEIs in Poland.
Research Design & Methods: The empirical research was carried out in the period of April-June 2017 on a sample of 90 HEIs in Poland, using an online questionnaire and individual invitations sent out to marketing departments of these institutions. 50 completely filled-out surveys were used to compile the results.
Findings: Social media are considered to be ‘youth’ media expressed in the target audience and content of the message. SM are not used for promoting research and academia. Researchers and Administration are perceived as stakeholders not understanding the potential of SM for building school’s image and reputation. Universities in Poland operate with little support from external entities.
Implications & Recommendations: The article provides information how to grasp the dynamics of the development of the utilisation of social media by Polish HEIs. Juxtaposition of the findings with the results obtained from research conducted on students and academic staff members along with the comparison of the results with the research executed on different markets would shed a new light on the social media usage in HEIs.
Contribution & Value Added: It is the first study where social media marketing activities and strategies are analysed in the HEI sector in Poland. Social media are a significant communication channel for HEIs, determining the changes in the way the HEIs interact with their stakeholders.


social media, marketing, higher education institutions



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