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Editorial 6(4)


This thematic issue attempts to expand scholarly understanding of international entrepreneurship in China, by providing empirical evidence of the current problems key to the success of foreign entrepreneurs in China, and analysing the context of entrepreneurship in that country. The need to understand foreign entrepreneurship in China is both an important and a timely problem, because China is transforming into the world’s economic leader, and at the same time the conditions for international entrepreneurs are rapidly changing in the global business environment, especially in the context of emerging economies (Bruton, Ahlstrom, & Obloj, 2008). As such, this issue contributes also to an emerging new scholarly literature aimed at understanding the dynamic nature of international business in emerging economies, which, as observed by Puślecki, Trąpczyński, and Staszków (2016), needs to be revisited by scholars using new approaches, and new empirical evidence.


China, international business, international entrepreneurship


Author Biography

Michal Lemanski

Dr. Lemanski’s research expertize is in the diffusion of organizational practices within multinational corporations, and the social responsibility of international business in emerging markets. For his research Dr. Lemanski has been awarded the prestigious Erste Bank Prize (20,000 EUR), the City of Vienna Jubilee Funds grant, numerous other research grants and scholarships, and was a finalist for the “Most Promising Scholar†award of the Academy of International Business. His studies were published in the International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Global Mobility, Progress in International Business, and presented at leading international conferences of the Academy of Management, the Academy of International Business, and the European International Business Academy. Dr. Lemanski has experience teaching at the bachelor, master, and doctoral level, as well as in executive programs. Before joining the University of Nottingham he has taught International Marketing and Strategy at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), and VSE Prague School of Economics (Czech Republic). At the University of Nottingham he has taught courses in International Business, Strategy, Corporate Governance & Restructuring, Business Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility. In year 2016 Dr. Lemanski became an Associate Fellow of the HEA Higher Education Academy, and also in year 2016 received professional training in the case study teaching methods at the Harvard Business School. 


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