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This issue marks another step in our growth as an international journal devoted to entrepreneurship aspects. This thematic issue is titled Advancing Research in Entrepreneurship and consists of nine thematic articles and four nonthematic articles.

Interest in entrepreneurship as a field of research does not seize to grow and flourish. Entrepreneurship research covers a very broad set of questions relating to a variety of academic disciplines. Much research still focuses on the heart of entrepreneurship to explain the logic and actions that underline entrepreneurial behaviour. Following Shane and Venkataraman (2000) ground setting paper, some authors claim the existing entrepreneurship research can be best split into two domains: exploration and exploitations of opportunity (Carlsson et al., 2013). In spite of immense progress made, entrepreneurship research still remains much polyphonic and emerging perspectives although have much in common with each other, have largely developed and evolved independently (Fisher, 2012). That is why constant exchange and cooperation between the international community of entrepreneurship scholars is important.


Author Biography

Agnieszka Żur

Assistant Professor at the Cracow University of Economics, Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

PhD in corporate entrepreneurship

Current research on social enerprises



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