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Entrepreneurship is on one hand a fast-growing research field, and on the other hand a complex and multidimensional phenomenon (Fayolle, 2014; Welter, 2011; Żur & Urbaniec, 2016), as it concerns not only actions of individuals, but also activities within the organizations or systems. Recent literature highlights that entrepreneurship is a context-based phenomenon (Zahra & Wright, 2011; Welter, 2011). And thus research on entrepreneurship has moved from the focus of the individual entrepreneurs and their challenges to a broader understanding of the context in which entrepreneurship is embedded. Context can be considered in different ways and with diverse dimensions, e.g. institutional, market, industry, spatial, social (Zahra & Wright, 2011). This thematic issue focusing on Entrepreneurship in the Global Context is a next step in the development of Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review. The global context of entrepreneurship is an expansion of prior thematic issues referring to international entrepreneurship.




Author Biography

Agnieszka Żur

Assistant Professor at the Cracow University of Economics, Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

PhD in corporate entrepreneurship

Current research on social enerprises



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