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The Evolution of Family Entrepreneurship in Poland: Main Findings Based on Surveys and Interviews from 2009-2018



Objective: The article deals with the issue of family entrepreneurship, which plays an increasingly important role in the Polish economy. The aim of the article is to discuss the phenomenon of family entrepreneurship in Poland in market economy and to explore the evolution of family businesses.
Research Design & Methods: The article is based on the review of the literature on the subject, its critical analysis and the results of empirical research conducted in this field by the authors in the years 2009-2018.
Findings: In their development, family businesses need to take into account coping with the principles and practices of market economy and internationalisation processes, as well as problems related to family and business relationships that are specific only to them and multi-generational perspective of functioning. Being successful requires a development strategy thanks to which the businesses build their own brand, improve management processes, introduce innovations and adapt their market behaviour.
Implications & Recommendations: Understanding the specificity of family entrepreneurship requires learning their essence and criteria for distinguishing these entities from other enterprises. The key factor is the duality of relations between the family and the business it runs.
Contribution & Value Added: The originality of this work lies in cross-years comparisons of empirical research conducted by the same researches in the field of family entrepreneurship.


family firms, strategy, entrepreneurship, research methods



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