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Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Internationalisation Process: The Theoretical Foundations of International Entrepreneurship



Objective: The main goal of the article is to discuss and elaborate on the basics of international entrepreneurial orientation (IEO), its fundamentals and principles.

Research Design & Methods: The paper reviews these three important terms by trying to link them and suggests a holistic framework. The article is of descriptive character, thus it is based on literature review and its constructive critics.

Findings: Firstly, international entrepreneurial process was discussed from the international entrepreneurship perspective. Secondly, the paper introduces the conceptualisation of entrepreneurial orientation from both three- and multi-dimensional perspectives. Thirdly, IEO is conceptualised and operationalised from the perspective of entrepreneurial internationalisation of firms.

Implications & Recommendations: IEO is a multi-dimensional concept. IEO can be considered both an individual and firm-level construct. IEO enables business to identify and exploit internationalisation opportunities. IEO reflects the firms overall proactiveness and aggressiveness in its pursuit of international markets.

Contribution & Value Added: The article is an attempted synthesis of the concept of international entrepreneurial orientation. It focuses on IEO as the implementation of one of the most important research theme in the theory of entrepreneurship, which is entrepreneurial orientation (EO) into the studies of international entrepreneurship (IE).


international entrepreneurial orientation, entrepreneurship, business internationalisation, entrepreneurial process


Author Biography

Krzysztof Wach

full professor at Cracow University of Economics (Poland), full professor at the University of Social Sciences in Łódź (Poland). Professor of social sciences (2020), Habilitation (dr hab.) in economics (2013), PhD in management (2006), MSc in international economics (2001). His research interests include international business, international entrepreneurship, EU studies, entrepreneurship and innovation, family firms. Member of AIB (Academy of International Business) and EIBA (European International Business Academy). Editor-in-Chief of ‘Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review’ (Scopus, ESCI WoS). Associate Editor of various journals incl. ‘European Journal of International Management’ (SCI WoS), ‘Central European Management Journal’ (Scopus, ESCI WoS), ‘Agris on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics’ (Scopus) or ‘European Integration Studies’ (ESCI WoS). Member of the Committee for Economic Sciences of Polish Academy of Sciences (since 2020). Served as expert on entrepreneurship for the European Commission and OECD (2012-2019)


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